Bollington SciBar

When: 18:30 10th July 2017 – 22:00 10th July 2017

Building a Better Lighttrap: the Square Kilometre Array

Vale Inn

Astronomy is based on the detection and analysis of light we receive from objects in the sky. It follows that progress in our understanding of the universe comes through advances in light-detection technology: we continue to build bigger and more sensitive telescopes in order to address challenging problems and discover new phenomena.

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) represents the next major advance in radio astronomy. Scheduled for construction in the early 2020s, it will be one of the largest scientific projects in the world. The project is a global partnership of 10 countries, with its international headquarters on the campus at Jodrell Bank.

Professor Gary Davis is an astrophysicist. After a spell in academia at a Canadian university, and many years as Director of the UK’s observatories on Hawaii, he is delighted to be back in the UK and living in Cheshire. In this presentation he will describe the world-wide effort to design and build the SKA. Along the way he may well diverge into other topics, depending on how many pints he is given.


Talk starts at 6.30pm at the Vale Inn, Adlington Road, Bollington. All welcome, no charge.






Bollington SciBar

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