Both Lowerhouse Planning Applications for 34 and 38 Homes now have planning permission

Date: 11th November 2015
Published by: David Naylor

Planning Application Number 15/1683, 38 houses at Lowerhouse was approved by the Northern Area Planning Committee on Wednesday 4th November.

The Committee concluded that it had not been possible to market the site for employment and as such it could now be used for housing. They also concluded that the flood mitigation measures proposed by the applicant and approved by the Environment Agency were adequate. The approval of this application mirrors the progress with the application on the other side of the Household Waste Site Access Road and has very similar flood mitigation measures. On both sites these measures involve raising the height of the land and providing tanks to store and slowly discharge surface water from roof and paved areas back into the river to replicate the action of the flood plain on which the houses will be built.

There are many who believe that the houses will be at a high risk of flooding given the history of the site and the changes to our weather and only time will tell if the predictions are correct. The Town Council and the community put up a robust case for refusal but purely in planning terms the members of the Committee felt that they were unable to refuse it, if they had they felt it stood a high chance of being granted on appeal with costs awarded against Cheshire East Council. The history of the site with its approved permission for employment was a powerful factor the approval process.

We are now faced with mitigating the traffic problems created by the development and preventing construction traffic from using Moss Brow.

To view the papers which the Northern Area Committee Members will have been supplied with to aid their decision click here. These papers will also contain the planning officer's recommendation to approve or refuse.

In June the Town Council responded to Cheshire East Council concerning the recent Planning Application for the development of the East side of the Household Waste Access Road. The response takes into account the views expressed at two planning meetings and the questionnaire delivered to 200 homes in the area centred on Albert Road and Moss Brow. It has also taken into account the extensive feedback provided in connection with the application for 34 homes on the West side which was approved in February.

Approval for this development is not a foregone conclusion but the planning history of the site does make the task very difficult for Cheshire East to refuse it without incurring costs at any future appeal. Anyway we have set out the arguments and have submitted our comments early and our two Cheshire East Councillors Amanda and Jon, who are also Town Councillors, will be meeting the Planning Officer Nick Turpin to discuss the issues and underline the Community's concerns.

Click on the image below to enlarge the Town Council's submission

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Both Lowerhouse Planning Applications for  34 and 38 Homes now have planning permission

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