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Developing policies for the Neighbourhood Plan" and "Bollington: Real and Imagined"

The Bollington Neighbourhood Plan has reached the stage of developing Draft Policies which will form the basis of the final Plan.  The Plan is being developed by a combination of a group of volunteers and representatives from the Town Council.  Previous stages have involved the production of Vision Statements and Objectives following extensive consultation with the community based on a comprehensive questionnaire and public meetings.

The present stage of draft policies for the Neighbourhood Plan will be presented for information and consultation purposes at a joint exhibition with the University of Manchester School of Architecture to be held at Bollington Arts Centre from 21st to 27th May - Bollington Real : Imagined.  The students from the School of Architecture have been working on projects concerned with Bollington throughout the present academic year.  They will present their ideas and schemes for how the future might look in Bollington with a free imagination.

The Exhibition will be held at the Arts Centre in Bollington and will open on Saturday 21st May at 7-00 pm and will then run daily from 22nd to 26th May.  On Friday 27th May there will be a coffee morning from 10-00 to 12-00 at which representatives from the Neighbourhood Plan and the School of Architecture will be present to discuss both developments with the Plan and the Ideas put forward by the students.

A copy of the Baseline Report  (Part 1) can be viewed by clicking on the image below:
















A copy of the Baseline Report (Part 2) can be viewed by clicking on the image below. (From the Base Line position set out in Part 1 of this Report, the Steering Committee and Working Groups have developed Vision Statements and Objectives. These have been the subject of consultation with the community and in general strong support has been given. This will now lead on to the development of the associated Policies which will form the basis of the final Neighbourhood Plan)











Developing the Vision Statements for each of the following:

  • Our Community
  • Our Relationship wuth the Environment
  • Our Heritage
  • Our  Homes
  • Our Economy
  • Our Ability to Move Around the Town 

The process of development of the Neighbourhood Plan involved firstly establishing the Baseline position (where we are now with respect to each of the key areas above) and then developing Vision Statements covering how we would like to see Bollington develop in the future. 

As a further key stage of consultation we needed feedback from the Bollington community, as to whether you agreed with these Vision Statements.  You were  invited to a Public Meeting at the Civic Hall on Friday 11th December 7.30pm to hear about progress to date and help us to refine these visions.  

The consultation with the Bollington Community by means of a questionnaire distributed to every house and available on-line has now been completed.  Although the original closing date for questionnaire submissions was June 30th, it was decided to extend this to July 10th and to deliver a second copy to every house.  This was because informal soundings indicated that in many cases only one response had been received from each house and it had been intended that any persons over 16 at a house would respond. 

The total number of responses received is 625 for online and 1304 for paper entries, making an overall total of 1929.

Figures from the 2011 census, quoted in the Community Profile for Bollington provided by Cheshire Community Action, show the total population is 7595 with 1295 of these recorded as under16.  From these figures, the number of those over 16 would be 6300.  With developments since 2011 it is understood that the current population is about 8000 so that the number eligible to complete the questionnaire may have increased to about 6635.  On this basis, the questionnaire response is about 29% of the eligible population. 

Analysis shows that there is a good distribution of ages across the overall response.  

The overall sample size of about 29% of potential, and the age, gender and employment distributions are considered very satisfactory to form a basis for drawing conclusions about the wishes of the community and forming preliminary proposals for planning purposes to put to the community in further consultations.

The results have now been collated: 

An exhibition of the results was on display at Bollington Cross School on the weekend of the 26th and 27th September when members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group were on hand to discuss the findings and take feedback.   It is then proposed to hold a public on the evening of 11 December when all the evidence gathered to date will be discussed together with draft policies for the plan.  

You can see the exhibition panels by clicking on the panel image below













Please note that the boards are large documents but have been configured for page by page loading and viewing if your web browser can do that.  Anyway please be patient.  Thanks 

Backgound to Neighbourhood Planning

Established by the Localism Act 2011, Neighbourhood Plans mean that local people and communities are now able to directly influence and establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in their neighbourhoods.  This means that our Neighbourhood Plan will give us the opportunity to have a real say in planning policies and decisions covering where new houses, employment opportunities, shops and other buildings should be located in Bollington. We will also be able to secure community contributions from these developments to improve our schools and other community facilities. The Plan will take some time to complete as the process must   be carried out thoroughly.

The Plan must also be consistent with the Cheshire East Local, Government and European guidance, and meet a number of legal requirements. Given Bollington’s special heritage and characteristics, an effective evidence-based Neighbourhood Plan will be vital in ensuring that land development in our area meets the needs and wishes of the local community. Again, this is where YOU come in, because if our Plan is to achieve its objectives and stand up to scrutiny, it must be based on firm evidence gathered through proper community engagement and consultation. We will need to hear from you in order to establish a comprehensive and accurate assessment of local social, economic and environmental conditions and issues.
That is why the Steering Committee and five subgroups are now working on plans to ensure that the people of Bollington are given a comprehensive opportunity to have their say in the development of our Neighbourhood Plan, and particularly to obtain important evidence covering a range of key topics, including:
  • Housing
  • Employment, Business & Community Services
  • Traffic & Transport
  • Open Spaces
  • Conservation & Heritage 
Therefore, over the next 9 months will be using a number of consultation methods and publicity to obtain your views and give you the opportunity to contribute to the Neighbourhood Plan.  These are likely to include the use of questionnaires, leaflets, public meetings, open days, workshops, interviews, websites, online surveys and social networking. 
If you have any questions or comments at this stage – or would like to volunteer your support – we would love to hear from you. Please use the contact details shown below. The importance of the Neighbourhood Plan for Bollington cannot be overstated.  
These Plans are protected by law, and must be taken into account by local planning authorities in considering all applications for development.  With your support, we are determined to produce a Neighbourhood Plan that is right for Bollington, its residents and its future.

Councillor Amanda Stott
Bollington Town Council
Town Hall
Wellington Road
SK10 5JR


Professor Michael Burdekin, Chairman
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee
c/o Bollington Town Council
Town Hall
Wellington Road
SK10 5JR



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