Sixty years ago Bollington Urban District Council laid out a special garden to commemorate the Coronation on June 2nd 1953 of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The gardens are now known as Coronation Gardens and they are reserved for the enjoyment of young children, their parents and carers.

Coronation Gardens opening The Bollington community celebrated the Queens Jubilee with street parties, a Town Parade, a beacon by White Nancy and a firework display on the Recreation Ground. A volunteer group decorated White Nancy with a wonderful commemorative design and a special picture of it was sent to the Queen.

When the year is over White Nancy will be returned to her white garb and the Town Council thought hard and decided that a more permanent recognition of the Jubilee was required. What better way to encourage our children to remember this great event than to turn Coronation Gardens into Diamond Jubilee Gardens?

A consultation was held, children from Dean Valley Community School were asked for their ideas and Cheshire East Council were persuaded to find some funding. Marianne Hodgkinson, an experienced project officer worked with, the then Mayor, Ken Edwards and an artist Christine Wilcox-Brown to put together a plan to make the gardens even more child and family friendly while commemorating the Jubilee with a celebratory archway over the main gate.Coronation Gardens throne

As planned the gardens were ready for the opening ceremony on Sunday June 2nd June 2013 and as we hoped the younger children in Bollington were out in force to enjoy the new play equipment. Their parents and carers will also be able to relax with them, tell stories, enjoy a picnic and be amused by the presence of the large hare who appears as the storyteller.

Our thanks go to all those children who contributed ideas, to those people who commented on possible plans during the consultation and to the work of Cheshire East Borough Council and Bollington Town Council. A particular warm word of thanks to Christine Wilcox-Baker and Marianne Hodgkinson for their dedication to the practical realisation of our renewed children’s playground.