About the Grant Scheme

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Bollington Town Council annually awards grants from their budget to Voluntary Organisations in Bollington.

The Council is particularly keen to assist organisations that are concerned with the welfare of young people and the elderly in our community.

Grant Applications are invited during July and August each year and the Town Council will advertise when the current round of applications are being accepted.

For 2021 Applications will be accepted from 1st July to 21st August.


Grant criteria

  1. The application must be within or for the residents of the Town.
  2. The application must come from a ‘not for profit’ or non-commercial
    organisation. Therefore, any profits must be for the benefit of the local
  3. The application must benefit the local community.

Generally, the Council does not fund:

  1. Political or religious organisations
  2. Individuals – unless the individual has been selected to represent the country or attend an event that will reflect positively on the Town.
  3.  Running costs or maintenance costs of the organisation.

Letters of application must include:

  1. A statement of accounts – the most recent available.
  2.  Information as to the specific purpose for which the grant is required.
  3. Whether any fund-raising activities are planned to supplement any deficit.
  4.  Information on the organisation itself; type of work undertaken, meetings per year, attendants and the outcome criteria
  5. It is a condition of the application that the council expect to receive evidence that the funding has been used for the purpose identified on the application form after the grant has been awarded, eg receipts and/or photographs.

How to Apply

To apply complete the online form which will be available during the application window. Please note you will have to send a copy of your most recent accounts for your application to be considered and these can be emailed separately to rfo@bollington-tc.gov.uk

If you have any difficulty completing the form please get in touch on 01625 572985 or enquiries@bollington-tc.gov.uk