Bollington Town Council Land and Property

Bollington Town Council owns very little of the public space or property in the town. Much of what was in the ownership of the Urban District Council was transferred to Macclesfield Borough Council in the local government re-organisation of 1974.

This subsequently became Cheshire East Council and it is this authority that manages our streets, verges and parks.

Our Buildings

The Town Council owns the Town Hall.

The Civic Hall was also transferred to the Town Council. This includes the car park.

Cheshire East Council rents the library part of the building back from Bollington Town Council.

Land and Assets

Bollington Town Council does not to own much in the way of land and where it does it tends to be small pockets that have been leased or transferred from Cheshire East Council for a specific reason.

Examples of this are the allotments and the land upon which the new war memorial stones stand, although the rest of the Memorial Gardens are owned by Cheshire East Council.

Other assets owned and maintained by the Town Council include:

  • The Millennium Cross
  • War Memorial and War Memorial stones
  • Four stone bus shelters
  • A number of finger posts
  • Five notice boards
  • Multi-Use Games Area


War Memorials
Stone Bus Shelter
Finger Post
Multi Use Games Area aerial view