Town Mayor Cllr Helen Ellwood

Councillor Helen Ellwood

Councillor Helen Ellwood was appointed as Town Mayor for the Civic Year 2023-2024 on 16th May 2023, during the Annual Council Meeting.

Cllr Ellwood has been a Councillor for three years and represents the East Ward with three other Councillors. Her Chaplain is Revd. Nancy Goodrich of St Oswald’s Church and her Youth Consort is Sophie Evans.

The Mayor’s chosen charities for her year are:


The Town Mayor attends many and varied events throughout the Mayoral Year. Some are Civic Events organised by the Town Council but there are many more visits to local people and organisations. The Mayor also represents Bollington at events in other towns and parishes in the area. To get in touch with the Mayor or request a visit, please contact the Town Manager, Harriet Worrell, on 01625 572985 or by e-mail at [email protected].

As part of the role, the Town Mayor:

  • Is Honorary President of the Bollington Branch of the Royal British Legion.
  • Chairs the Bollington Senior Citizens Committee meetings, attends the annual tea party, delivers gifts to those celebrating significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries and visits care homes on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.


Mayor's Youth Consort Sophie Evans

Sophie Evans is a Senior Able Cadet of the Bollington and Macclesfield Sea Cadets. She is a member of the Macclesfield Rugby Club Girls team.  Sophie enjoys walking with the family dogs, Teddy and Tessa, and loves the community of Bollington.



Thank you card from King Charles III

King Charles III sent a thank you card following a letter of condolence from the Town Mayor on behalf of the Council and residents of Bollington.

The card reads:

It was so very kind of you to send me such a wonderfully generous message following the death of my beloved mother. Your most thoughtful words are enormously comforting, and I cannot tell you how deeply they are appreciated at this time of immense sorrow.

Thank you card from King Charles III inner pages
Thank you card from King Charles III back and front

Past Mayors of Bollington Town Council

2022-23                     Councillor J.C. Stewart

2021-22                     Councillor J. Maitland

2020-21                     Councillor J.C. Stewart

2019-20                     Councillor Dr R.J. Edwards

2018-19                     Councillor J.A. Weston

2017-18                     Councillor A. Langdon

2016-17                     Councillor A. Williams

2015-16                     Councillor Mrs A.E. Williams

2014-15                     Councillor Miss A. Stott

2013-14                     Councillor D.D.P. Laffan

2012-13                     Councillor K.J. Edwards

2011-12                     Councillor G.G. Hibbert

2010-11                     Councillor Mrs A.E. Williams


2009-10                     Councillor Mrs S. Sockett

2008-09                     Councillor Mrs H. Kennedy

2007-08                     Councillor Mrs B. Lingard

2006-07                     Councillor Mrs M. Wakefield

2005-06                     Councillor Mrs S.F. Edwards

2004-05                     Councillor Mrs S. Sockett

2003-04                     Councillor J. Kershaw

2002-03                     Councillor J.A. Holland

2001-02                     Councillor Mrs S.E. Roberts

2000-01                     Councillor H.M. Stedman