Allotment Gardening

Allotment gardening has had a real resurgence in popularity in the last ten years or so and gone is the flat cap and whippet image of the past. Bollington has a real need for allotment plots with so many properties having little or no garden in which to cultivate vegetables.

Bollington Town Council manages two allotment sites in Bollington, Heath Road Allotments and Harrop Road Allotments, with a third being prepared.


If you would like to know more about any of the Bollington Town Council Allotments or would like to be added to the waiting list please contact us. Please note that due to the excessive demand we are only taking applications from those on the Bollington Electoral Register. View our allotment policy.

Bollington Allotment Sites

Heath Road Allotments

Heath Road Allotments are situated behind the ATAX field off Ovenhouse Lane, near to Bollington Leisure Centre. They were established in 1999 when the Town Council took out a lease on a small piece of land from Macclesfield Borough Council, Originally there were 10 plots on the site but susequently as demand has risen many of these have been divided and rented out as half plots.This allotment area has benefited from the installation of a water supply in 2005. This was put in by United Utilities as part of their package of thanks for the town’s having to put up with their sewer excavations throughout that year.

Plot at Heath Road

Heath Road Allotment Plot

Harrop Road Allotments

Harrop Road Allotments were created in 2012 in response to the growing waiting list for allotments in the area. Bollington Town Council had for some years been trying to identify extra land which could be used for this and finally managed to agree a lease with Cheshire East Council for a previously cultivated but largely neglected site off Harrop Road. The legal niceties took rather longer than anticipated and by the time the Town Council acquired the land it was in a very poor state. A working party made up from prospective tenants knocked the site into shape and formed a thriving tenants association.

Plot at Harrop Road

Harrop Road Allotment Plot

Nancy View Allotments

To help meet demand and reduce the waiting list, land for a third allotment site was transferred in the summer of 2023 from Cheshire East Council to Bollington Town Council.

The new site is adjacent to Harrop Road allotments and has been named by the allotment association as Nancy View Allotments.

Work took place in August 2023 to create access, parking and mark out plots.

The Mayor, Cllr Helen Ellwood, officially opened the new site on 19th September.

Mayor Opening Nancy View Allotments

Access To New Allotment Site
Clearance Work For Access To New Alloment
Cleared Land At New Alloment Site
Land Clearance For Parking
Load Dumper On New Driveway
Driveway And Parking To New Allotment Site
Top Of New Allotment Site
Town Wardenn Marking Out Alloment Plots
Corner Of New Site
Finished Driveway To New Allotment Site
Gate To New Allotment

Other Allotment Sites

Cheshire East Council Allotments

Cheshire East Council also manage several allotment sites in the area. Although these also have waiting lists you may wish to enquire about adding your name to their list if you are prepared to travel.  Please note these waiting lists are completely independent from the lists for the Bollington sites. Details can be found on the Cheshire East Council Allotments page.

Garden Sharing or Adoption Scheme

While most people reading this page may consider having a large garden or plot of land would be a real asset there are some people to whom taking care of their patch may be a challenge. One solution to this problem would be to reduce the area the owner has to maintain themselves by offering part or all of their plot for cultivation by others. This is becoming increasingly popular and there are already schemes countrywide to help connect people who may be able to offer or utilise surplus land.

A local Garden Share Scheme run by Food 4 Macc has already successfully linked up many landowners and gardeners.

View the Gardenshare scheme and see what land is currently on offer.  A sample agreement is available to download.

If you know of an area of land which could be used to create extra allotment space or a community garden, or have or know of someone who has a garden and would be willing to allow others to adopt a patch for cultivation then please contact us.