Location of local defibrillators

Our defibrillators have been funded through generous donations of our community.  Local Community First Responders (volunteers with North West Ambulance Service) liaise with hosts and members of our community to ensure that they are checked regularly and maintained in good working order.

In the event of a Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest, it is vital though to call 999 who will advise of the nearest working defib and access code.


Wall Mounted Defibrillator

Map of Bollington defibrillators

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Defibrillator addresses

CPAD Number Area Address
Defibrillator locations
CPAD1826 Bollington St Johns C E Primary School, Grimeshaw Lane, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5LY
CPAD908 Kerridge Bulls Head, 2 Oak Lane, Kerridge, Cheshire, SK10 5BD
CPAD970 Bollington The Bridgend Centre, 104 Palmerston Street, Bollington,  Cheshire, SK10 5PW
CPAD923 Bollington Bollington Cricket Club The Recreation Ground, Adlington Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5JT
CPAD1826 Bollington Bollington Library, Palmerston Street, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5JX
CPAD1483 Bollington Bollington Town Council, Wellington Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5JR
CPAD590 Bollington Bollington Community Fire Station, Albert Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5HS
CPAD1191 Bollington Bollington Cross C of E Primary School, Bollington Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5EG
CPAD1991 Bollington Sweet Kitchen Café, 1A Crossfield Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5EA
CPAD894 Bollington Barrows Butchers, 1 Henshall Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5HX
CPAD393 Bollington The Poachers, Ingersley Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5RE
CPAD808 Pott Shrigley Pott Shrigley Church School, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, SK10 5RT