Your local Councillors will be available to discuss local ward issues on the first Saturday in the month.

Next session SATURDAY 4th December 2021

Exclamation mark and Question Mark

Time: 10.00am – 11.30am

Place: The Town Hall, Wellington Road, Bollington. SK10 5JR


  •  Social distancing will be in operation
  • Please feel free to wear a face mask
  • Please bring your own stationery and refreshments if required

The sessions will include two Councillors on a rota basis. You may wish to wait for an opportunity to speak to one of your Ward Councillors (see below for which Councillor represents which Ward) but you can speak to any of the councillors who will be happy to help and pass on your questions if necessary.

Ward Councillors

View the Ward Map   or view the A-Z list of streets and their wards to find which ward you live in.

Central Ward


Cllr Roland Edwards

Cllr Sara Knowles

Cllr Judy Snowball

Cllr Jon Weston

West Ward


Cllr Ken Edwards

Cllr James Nicholas

Cllr Amanda Stott

Cllr Angela Williams

East Ward


Cllr Helen Ellwood

Cllr Mark Fearn

Cllr Johanna Maitland

Cllr John Stewart

Timetable 2021-2022

This is the draft timetable of Councillors attending and may be subject to change.

  • 2nd October – Cllr J Snowball & Cllr A Williams
  • 6th November – Cllr K Edwards & Cllr H Ellwood
  • 4th December – Cllr A Stott & Cllr J Nicholas
  • 8th January (1st January BHOL) – Cllr J Maitland & Cllr R Edwards
  • 5th February – Cllr J Stewart & Cllr M Fearn
  • 5th March – Cllr J Weston & Cllr S Knowles
  • 2nd April – Cllr J Snowball & Cllr J Weston