A party of 23 citizens from Bollington’s Twin Town of Thurles in Southern Ireland visited during the weekend of 5 – 7 July. The invitation was made by Bollington’s Twinning Group who with the support of the Town Council provided a packed itinerary.

The few days spent with our twinning cousins from Thurles in Tipperary were wonderfully happy and even instructive as we were able to explain the ancient tradition of Well Dressing. The Friday night into Saturday morning pub crawl, with musicians coming from all over the region, was spread over several truly hospitable pubs and was a triumph, with suggestions that it become a regular event, with or without the Irish connection. On Saturday evening Thurles’ Silver band joined the Bollington Brass band in a truly superb concert, rounding off a day of culture and camaraderie, from the music at the Well Dressing at Flash Lane to the exhausting ceilidhceildhe in the afternoon, and the unforgettable music of three traditional bands.

A short tour of old Bollington on Sunday Morning, via the Discovery Centre at the Clarence Mill, was the final event prior to a Civic buffet for the visiting group, when the two Town Mayors exchanged gifts, and national flags were presented as a memento of a truly happy memento of a truly happy visit, enjoyed by young and old alike.