A very serious leak that has now developed on the Recreation Ground. Earlier works by the Canal and Rivers Trust (CRT) to resolve it a few weeks ago found four leaks which were plugged and but another, more serious leak, has developed over the weekend. Some of the water is being channelled into a culvert on the Rec Ground but a lot is spilling onto the Bowling Green and running down the Recreation Ground paths. Bowling has been cancelled.
This morning the CRT is out in force and when I met them they had dyed the canal surface and a revolving patch of water, similar to water leaving a bath, could be observed on the Clarence Mill side in front of Canalside The Thread Radio. CRT will be trying to plug this leak but if this is not successful it will mean again draining this section of canal. Further updates will be provided when we have them.

Friday 24th June: The Recreation Ground is now dry.
The Canal and Rivers Trust’s contractors are continuing to inject polyurethane grout and clay under the path at the front of Clarence Mill (adjacent to Canalside The Thread Radio).
This is sealing voids behind the wash wall. It seems to be sorting out the problem without the need to drain the canal.

Canal Leak 24 June Canal Leak 24 June 2