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Cheshire East Council and Health Partners who focus on mental health are developing an All Age Mental Health Strategy. The strategy will set out the vision and priorities for mental health in the coming years, and will guide the work that health and the Council and their partners will do to improve mental health and wellbeing in Cheshire East.
The strategy was presented for feedback at the last meeting of the Cheshire East VCFSE Mental Health Alliance to ensure that Cheshire East VCFSEs were able to provide strategic voice and influence in the transformation of community mental health services. The feedback from the consultation will feed back into the work the Council and Health Partners are doing with the sector.

The formal consultation is now open and the Council would like your feedback on what might be included in this strategy by completing a short survey using the link below:
All Age Mental Health Strategy – Pre Consultation (cheshireeast.gov.uk)

There is also an easy read version of the survey as well which can be accessed on the link below:
Easy Read Survey: Mental Health Services (cheshireeast.gov.uk)

Please submit your response by 15th October 2022.