Winter Wellbeing Guide poster

Look after your wellbeing

Cheshire East Council has launched an essential guide for residents on how to look after their wellbeing this winter.
The booklet, produced in conjunction with council partners, is packed full of advice, information, and sources of support on how to keep warm, stay well and safe this winter.

In addition to this the following also feature within the one-stop booklet:

  • The latest news on Covid-19 and flu vaccines;
  • How to tell the difference between Covid-19, the flu and a cold;
  • What medicine cabinet essentials to stock up on this winter;
  • How to stop the spread of winter bugs and viruses;
  • General advice such as money tips, low-cost recipe ideas and ways to keep warm at home;
  • Where to go for cost-of-living advice and support;
  • Warm plaCEs – places locally to keep warm, access hot food and enjoy social activities in a supportive environment;
  • And advice on how to look after your physical and mental health.

The essential guide to wellbeing is available to view on the Cheshire East Council’s Livewell pages.