over the next year I will find a way to use my power for good – as a citizen of Bollington and of the world.

I will work alongside my neighbours to make a positive change, however small, for the benefit of our community (be it local or global).

And I will consciously work to value and include people whose lives, perspectives and concerns may feel challenging or unfamiliar to me.

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Advocating for those affected by poverty and injustice both locally and globally.


Speaking out for those that need help and support.

David Marren

I will visit my neighbours around me, get to know them better.

Challenging myself to use more inclusive and gender neutral language.  Never assuming anyone’s gender/sexuality and challenging people that do, creating a safe space.

Emma Jean

Re-joining the voluntary teams in my village i.e. Fete Committee!

David Cassidy’s No. 1 Fan

Continuing to serve the community by working as a councillor.  If elected, I will be Town Mayor next year.

John C Stewart

Praying for Bollington.

Revd. Nancy Goodrich

I will always do my best to make our beautiful community the best it can be.

Chris Bennett

I pledge to seek support from the people of Bollington to re-establish the ancient and respected role of ‘Village Fool’ entrusted to entertain and represent the townsfolk at community and civic events with a specific role of ‘speaking truth to power’ and pricking the bubbles of vanity, hypocrisy, pomposity and hubris. In so doing we create a new ancient tradition that benefits the wider community, helps improve the colour and ‘cultural capitol’ of the town, and assists the merchants and traders of this parish.

David of Bollington