Civic Sunday Service took place online via Microsoft Teams

As part of his or her Mayoral Year, the Town Mayor holds a Civic Sunday Service to which the whole community and other local dignatories are invited.

Under normal circumstances this incorporates a parade involving our local organisations and may include the presentation of Civic Awards to deserving members of our town.

Civic Sunday On Teams InviteThis year is different of course.

In another first for Bollington Town Council the Civic Service for 2020 took place online via Microsoft Teams at 10.30am on Sunday June 7th.

Watch the video recording here

This video recording may not be fully accessible due to the quality of the closed captions.

Order of Service

Town Mayor of Bollington’s
Civic Sunday Service
7th June 2020
Town Mayor
Cllr. John Stewart
Mayor’s Chaplain
Revd. Canon Veronica Hydon


Introduction & Opening Prayer

In our service today we give thanks to God for the heritage of our town and the many
people who have helped to give the town its prosperity. We pray for the town, for
those who have responsibility for our community; we pray for all who live and workhere and we commit ourselves to serve God and our neighbours in all that we do.
As we come together today to thank God for the blessings of our community life, first we confess our sorrow for those times when we have failed to live up to God’s high standards in our relationships with others, failing to behave with proper integrity, love, truthfulness and unselfishness, and failing to promote justice and peace.
Lord God, we bring before you any mistakes we have made in our daily lives as individuals.
All: In your mercy, hear our prayer.
Lord God, we confess any wrongs evident in relationships in the local community of
which we are a part and in the structures of our wider society.
All: In your mercy, hear our prayer.
Lord God, we seek your forgiveness for when we have remained silent in the face of injustice or when we have treated others with disrespect.
All: In your mercy, hear our prayer.
We say together:
Lord God, forgive what we have been,
help us to amend what we are,
and direct what we shall be, for the greater benefit of our life together here,
and for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,
Almighty God, who forgives all who truly repent,
have mercy upon you,
pardon and deliver you from all your sins,
confirm and strengthen you in all goodness,
and keep you in life eternal;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Collect Prayer for Trinity Sunday
Holy God,
faithful and unchanging:
enlarge our minds with the knowledge of your truth,
and draw us more deeply into the mystery of your love,
that we may truly worship you,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

Bible Readings
Isaiah 40: verses 12-17 & 27-31 Cllr. Ken Edwards
Matthew 28: verses 16-20 Cllr. Angela Williams

Address by the Mayor of Bollington

Investiture of the Mayor’s Youth Consort, Luca Allbright

Intercessions written & read by the Mayor’s Youth Consort

The Prayer of Dedication
All: We offer ourselves anew in your service, O God,
and in the service of your world.
Help us to understand your vision for humanity.
Give us the wisdom, strength and courage in working for this.
May we do all to the advancement of your kingdom andto the honour of your holy name. Amen

The National Anthem performed by Bollington Brass Band

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen.
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Queen

A few words from the Mayor

First, I would like to give thanks.
I would like to thank Revd Veronica for this lovely service and her wise words of compassion and understanding. I would like to thank Luca Allbright, my Youth Consort for offering his support in my Mayoral year and to take this opportunity to mention how lucky we are to have such excellent schools in our Community. Luca attends Tytherington High and is a credit to the school. I would like to thank Cllr Angela and Cllr Ken for their Bible readings, extremely relevant in this uncertain world in which we live.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Colleagues on the Council and the Town Hall Team for their support. We have a very capable Team in Bollington and I am enjoying working with them.
And, I would like to thank my friends and Family for your support and wise counsel.

Second, I would like to say a few words about our wonderful volunteers
This is the end of Volunteer week.
The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the wonderful work done by volunteers, who come from all walks of life. Stories of kindness abound and it has been most heartening to see the best of humanity in action.
The BRAG Volunteer Group was a tremendous success. We have received letters and emails from those in need, who have been looked after by their local volunteer, often a neighbour who has now become a friend.
But it is not just during a pandemic that great things happen. Every day, an army of volunteers look after loved ones, who care for their elders and the infirm. Those volunteers with children and relatives who have additional needs, who are vulnerable and dependant on others just to survive. And those volunteers who work tirelessly for Charities, to raise funds for those less well off than themselves.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers, sincerely and respectfully. For being there for all of us and doing what you do.

Third, I’d like to talk briefly about the coming 12 months of my Mayoral Year.
It is not easy to predict in a pandemic when and how we will emerge from the ‘lockdown.’
However, it seems to me, that the Council has an important part to play, as the Community emerges from it. Working with local Charities, Societies, businesses and other organisations, we will all play our part in supporting the Community’s recovery.
I also believe that there is a strong desire to convene, to discuss and debate issues affecting our lives such as ‘Black Lives Matter.’ I am sure that we will see more engagement with the Community in the coming months, as we emerge stronger than ever from this crisis.