Climate and Environment Emergency

On Tuesday 4th June 2019 Bollington Town Council formally declared a climate emergency so affirming a strong and positive commitment to take action on climate change. This declaration was made in the light of the findings in the International Parliamentary Group for Climate Change Special Report on Global Warming and the bipartisan UK parliamentary national declaration of an Environment and Climate Emergency. Our decision was also very strongly influenced by the case made by Transition Bollington for declaring an emergency.

The motion, which pledges to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 contains 7 key actions:

  • Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’;
  • Pledge to make Bollington carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption emissions;
  • Call on Cheshire East, Macclesfield Parliamentary Constituency and Westminster to provide the powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible;
  • Work with other councils and governments (both within the UK and internationally) by joining the Covenant of Mayors, to determine and implement best practice methods to limit Global Warming to less than 1.5°C;
  • Continue to work with partners across the town and region to deliver this new goal through all relevant strategies and plans;
  • In all discussion, debate and decision-making procedures ensure that climate impact is thoroughly considered and recorded. In other words, look at all policies and actions through the lens of Global Warming.
  • Report to Full Council within six months with the actions the Mayor/Council will take to address this emergency.

Councillor Roland Edwards will be working with local groups to produce a strategy to achieve carbon neutrality.