Bollington and Kerridge Conservation Areas

There are seventy seven Conservation Areas within Cheshire East and these include;

The designation of a conservation area does not prevent development taking place, but Cheshire East Council has to pay particular attention when deciding planning applications; the council has to be mindful of the need to preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the area. Some developments that are normally allowed may need specific planning approval including the demolition of a building or structure. Written consent from the Council is also required for works to any trees.

More information about Conservation Areas and what it means to homeowners and landowners

Properties of particular interest may be subject to what is known as Article 4(2) Direction which imposes further controls over alteration of the properties. If a building has been included under such a direction, the owner will find it necessary to apply for planning permission for most external alterations.

More information about Article 4(2) Direction

To view the list of protected properties select Bollington or Kerridge from the options below.

Bollington Article 4 (2) List of properties

Kerridge Article 4 (2) List of properties


Bollington Conservation Area Interactive Map

Kerridge Conservation Area Interactive Map