Monthly eco 'hot tips'

Each month we will release a new eco hot tip of practical things we can all do to reduce our impact on the environment.

May 2024

Recycle and reuse


Production of household waste needs to decrease by 33% by 2037 to reach emissions targets.

Top tips to reduce your waste from The Wildlife Trusts:

  • Tins – tins from food can be washed and refashioned into lovely plant or candle holders.
  • Jars – glass jars can be used to store everything from food, cotton buds, pens and plants.
  • Plastic bottles – these have endless uses! Cut them open to protect your plants from slugs in the garden, create a bird feeder or get crafty with the kids and make bottle animals!
  • Mend – Sew on a button, mend a hole or refashion a garment. Visit a local repair café. Fix your electrical appliance rather than replace it.
  • Upcycle – Recover your soft furnishings and sand down and repolish tables and cabinets.

Tips from the Wildlife Trusts

April 2024

Change your energy use


Energy used in buildings accounts for around 17% of total emissions.

Top tips for reducing your home emissions from The Wildlife Trusts:

  1. Turn off lights when you don’t need them
  2. Invest in low energy light bulbs
  3. Turn appliances off at the mains
  4. Wash clothes at a lower temperature
  5. Switch to double glazing
  6. Only fill the kettle with the water you need
  7. Turn appliances off standby mode

Tips from the Wildlife Trusts

March 2024

Reduce your flood risk


Across the UK 1.9 million people currently live in areas of significant flooding.

Top tips to reduce your flood risk from The Wildlife Trusts:

  • Replace hard surfaces with grass and plants.
  • Be diverse in your planting. Some plants love wet conditions in the summer while others soak up water in the winter.
  • Create an eco-friendly driveway. Do some research into permeable paving or laying down grids on top of a grassy drive to prevent it getting muddy.
  • Opt for a hedge, not a fence.
  • Find out if you are in an at-risk area and sign up to flood warnings in your area.

Tips from the Wildlife Trusts

February 2024

Change how you travel


Transport currently accounts for 27% of UK emissions.

Top tips from The Wildlife Trusts

January 2024

Change what you eat


If all our food came from within 20km of where we live, we could save £1.2 billion every year in environmental and congestion costs. And that’s just from food shopping.

Top tips from The Wildlife Trusts

December 2023

Green Christmas


Christmas can be a time of excess and impacts the environment too. With a bit of thought and effort you can have just as much festive fun, but in an eco-friendlier way.

WWF tips for a sustainable Christmas

Soil Association tips for a more sustainable Christmas

Country Living ideas for an eco-friendly Christmas

November 2023

Garden for wildlife


Let your garden go wild

Get composting

Put up a nest box

Get ready to welcome winter migrants

Help a hedgehog

Gardening advice from the Wildlife Trusts

October 2023

Plant a tree for 23


Trees help fight climate change, support biodiversity and are great for our health and wellbeing.

Can you plant a tree in your garden? Macclesfield Community Tree Nursery has trees available for free and can offer planting advice such as what is the best tree to suit your garden. Contact [email protected] or call 07780002686

Tree care guidance from The Tree Council