Monthly eco 'hot tips'

Each month we will release a new eco hot tip of practical things we can all do to reduce our impact on the environment.

February 2024

Change how you travel


Transport currently accounts for 27% of UK emissions.

Top tips from The Wildlife Trusts

January 2024

Change what you eat


If all our food came from within 20km of where we live, we could save £1.2 billion every year in environmental and congestion costs. And that’s just from food shopping.

Top tips from The Wildlife Trusts


December 2023

Green Christmas


Christmas can be a time of excess and impacts the environment too. With a bit of thought and effort you can have just as much festive fun, but in an eco-friendlier way.

WWF tips for a sustainable Christmas

Soil Association tips for a more sustainable Christmas

Country Living ideas for an eco-friendly Christmas

November 2023

Garden for wildlife


Let your garden go wild

Get composting

Put up a nest box

Get ready to welcome winter migrants

Help a hedgehog

Gardening advice from the Wildlife Trusts

October 2023

Plant a tree for 23


Trees help fight climate change, support biodiversity and are great for our health and wellbeing.

Can you plant a tree in your garden? Macclesfield Community Tree Nursery has trees available for free and can offer planting advice such as what is the best tree to suit your garden. Contact [email protected] or call 07780002686

Tree care guidance from The Tree Council