A Message from the Mayor - Councillor John Stewart

The current pandemic has brought hardship to many. People have lost their lives to this terrible virus: people have lost their jobs and their businesses. However, the lockdown has had positive as well as negative effects on us all. The kindness shown by our volunteers to those in need of support throughout this crisis has been heart-warming. The opportunity to take time to reflect on our lives, confirming what we hold dear and considering what we may want to change for the better has been an unexpected blessing.

Bollington has demonstrated that it is a resilient and pragmatic community, with people pulling together to support each other. Long may this continue.

However, there have been incidents showing the negative side of human behaviour during the pandemic and Bollington has not been immune. The defacing of our beloved White Nancy was completely unacceptable. The words daubed on it were racist and dangerous. The Council condemns all forms of discrimination, wherever and whenever it raises its ugly head. We also reject dangerous ideas that are a clear attack on Society and therefore, on our Community.

We would like to thank those who painted over the graffiti. The Council will always support the protection of this local icon. It will be cherished for generations to come, as a powerful symbol of the Town and we will continue to protect it.

In Summary, the Bollington Town Council condemns all forms of discrimination, all dangerous views that put people in our Community at risk, and intolerance of any kind. We will continue to promote equality and fairness, to build an inclusive and diverse Community: one that does not discriminate and one that is compassionate and caring.

Councillor John Stewart,

Mayor of Bollington

on behalf of Bollington Town Council