When: 18:30 22nd October 2019 – 21:30 22nd October 2019

Starts Tuesday 22nd October 2019 – 6.30pm to 9.00pm

Pat Penney Room Bollington Arts Centre


The 8 week course was developed 30 years ago at The University of Massachusetts Medical School by a team of doctors including Jon Kabat-Zinn. The MBSR 8 week course is an internationally recognised approach to stress and stress related illness, it is now taught in hospital, health, business and education settings as well as to the general public. The course has proved useful for a wide range of people including those living with chronic pain, helping them to transform their relationship with pain in everyday life and reduce their suffering. Before joining the course it is necessary to have a telephone interview with the tutor to check the suitability of the course for your needs.

What you will learn on the 8 week MBSR course

  • Formal meditation practices to support you in developing your capacity to be mindful
  • A range of practices to help you integrate mindfulness into your everyday life
  • Skills to reduce stress including how to recognise the difference between primary stress (that is unavoidable) and secondary stress (our emotional reaction to the original stressor) enabling us to make informed choices
  • Support to develop the skill to listen to and value yourself with kindness, curiosity and compassion
  • We will explore our ability to relax, improve self confidence and strengthen your emotional resilience with mindful awareness
  • Our learning is enriched by practicing once a week as a group, learning that we are not alone in our challenges in life or in learn to practice mindfulness

Content and study materials

  • You will receive 8 weekly lessons
  • All day silent retreat on Sunday at Poynton Community Centre
  • Instruction in mindfulness meditation and gentle movement meditation
  • Learning support to empower you to work in the group and communicate your experiences with others
  • Guidance and support tailored to your individual learning needs
  • Take home assignments to encourage the integration of mindfulness into your daily life
  • Guided practice meditation CDs to support practice at home

£150 for the 8 week (25 hour) course and all course materials, this is payable before the course begins.

Please email cheshire_mindfulness@outlook.com to enrol as you will need to complete an application form and have a short telephone interview so both of us can determine if the course is suitable for you.

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