Flood Advice for Bollington Residents

Flooding has become a more common occurrence in the UK in recent years and Bollington is no exception.

Please look out for flood alerts for our area and familiarise yourself with how to prepare for flooding and how report flooding issues.

To report an urgent incident phone 0300 123 5020

To report an urgent incident out of working hours 0300 123 5025 (for use after 5pm and before 9am, including weekends.)

If there is an emergency or risk to life always call 999.

Please consider the risk and put in place any flood resilience measures you may need for your home or business and consider neighbours and other community members who may require assistance

If you are able please

  • Check that the surface of grids and drainage channels on the roads outside your property are free of leaves and other debris that may be blocking them: clear the surface using a brush or it can be kicked away – this is a relatively quick and simple thing that you can do to help avert flood risk. N.B. If you are concerned about blocked gullies these should be reported to Cheshire East Highways
  • Check that if parked on a road  your tyres are not blocking grids.
  • Ensure any neighbours/community members that do not access social media are informed about the above.

There is a supply of sand and sandbags at Bollington Town Hall