The Canal Volunteers latest project was to install a bench on the towpath near the top of Hurst Lane. The bench was funded by the Town Council with all the grafting undertaken by the volunteers.

Towpath BenchAnyone who uses the towpath regularly will have witnessed the improvements made by the volunteers.

Not only have they tidied the overgrown vegetation and improved the walking surface all the way along to Hawthorn Road but because of their input the Canal and River Trust have undertaken maintenance work themselves. This includes making safe and reopening the steps from the towpath at the Hurst Lane Bridge but they have also repaired a damaged handrail which the volunteers will paint when the weather allows.

The volunteers work closely with the Canal and Rivers Trust to improve the towpath and carry out a range of other much needed work. The Canal and Rivers Trust provide all the materials and expert assistance. The Volunteers usually work on the second Sunday of every month. Everyone is welcome