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Cancer Biomarkers: What are they, and how are they useful in the fight against cancer?

SciBar is science in a bar – an invited speaker gives a talk on a scientific topic while people enjoy a drink or meal, with a Q& A afterwards. Bollington SciBar takes place at the Vale Inn in Bollington.

Biomarkers can take many forms in the body, but in the case of cancer they are often cells (known as Circulating Tumour Cells), proteins or DNA that have been shed by the tumour and can be measured in the bloodstream of a cancer patient. More commonly, they are measured in the patient’s tumour. At the July talk, Dr Kathryn Simpson from CRUK Manchester Institute will describe her team’s research into biomarkers circulating in the blood of patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC), a very aggressive form of lung cancer, in order to develop better treatments and to understand how the cancer changes over time. .

No charge, all welcome.  Vale Inn, Adlington Road, talk begins 6.30pm. Details at bollingtonscibar.co.uk