Friends of Bollington Rec Poster Competition


School poster competition winner

Anyone who has been down to the Recreation Ground recently may have noticed a number of poster boards encouraging park users to take their recycling home to put in their silver bins and to use the litter bins for other non-recyclable waste. Litter bins are often full to overflowing at the end of the day and whilst much of this is glass or plastic bottles and aluminium cans, the waste is contaminated so these items cannot be separated and will go to landfill with the rest. Friends of the Rec would love for people to take these items home so they can be recycled, and leave the litter bins for waste that cannot.

These are the winning entries from a schools poster competition run by the Friends of the Rec group, to which some fabulous artwork from Bollington children was submitted and included entries from Dean Valley and Bollington Cross schools.

The overall winner (pictured) caught the eye of the Ansa Parks Manager and has been reproduced for other parks across Cheshire East.

Well done to all the children who submitted their amazing pictures and in particular to the winner from Dean Valley School.