New EV Charging Points due to go live

As the world is at last waking to the climate emergency, Bollington can be said to be doing its bit . The 4 new electric vehicle charging points about to be commissioned at Pool Bank car park will supply the needs of people in our “ inner town “ with no off-street parking and therefore unable to recharge at home. So this will be the start of a petrol and diesel fume free town, and get us all nearer to reducing our C02 so the climate can stabilise again.  Bollington Town Council and Transition Bollington have been working together on this project.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Taking one ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle off the road and replacing it with an electric vehicle has the same effect as giving £150 to the NHS such is the effect of vehicle emissions on people’s health. This is because there will be a dramatic reduction in the particulates in the air that cause severe lung disease.

The charging points (made from 90 per cent recycled materials) have been installed by Connected Kerb and the electricity will be provided by Octopus who provide renewable energy from sun, wind or water power. The cost per kWh will be 26p which means that the cost of charging an electric car is about 75% cheaper than the cost of filling a car with petrol.

The points should be available after 22 December 2021 when we’ll be holding an official Opening Event.