Bollington Business Forum

Date: 20th September 2018
Published by: Andrea Paterson

Did you know Bollington has its own Business Forum to bring people together and help create better conditions for business growth and employment in Bollington?

Purpose of the Group: The purpose of the Group is to bring together those groups and individuals in Bollington who have an interest in stimulating, nurturing and growing local businesses. The aim is to form a business forum which, with the help of Bollington Town Council, will address the needs of start-up and growing businesses.

What are the specific aims of the Group: The Group is intended to be as inclusive as possible and all of the stakeholders recognize that the aims and objectives will change as new ideas are introduced. However, the key objectives are to encourage economic growth and employment opportunities in and around Bollington. At the Town Council meeting, it was agreed that first priority for the Group would be to develop a marketing and PR plan for business activity in the Town.

The latest meeting was held at the Town Hall on 21st September and a presentation made to interested parties. See the Presentation here

What’s happening and how can I get involved?

Please note that since the meeting on 21st September we have:

1) Launched a survey to enable us to gain insight into what you would like from the forum and how you can contribute.

  • Please sign up here:
    Please also share the survey with other business people in the Bollington area via your own networks. It’s important that we receive input into the planning from a diverse range of businesses that represent the Bollington Business Community.

2) Developed a series of business events – more information on these to follow via the Facebook and LinkedIn sites. Any facilitation, venues and refreshments are funded, donated or sponsored unless otherwise stated. We are supporting fundraising for Bollington Festival 2019 and donations will be collected via the Business Festival’s website.

  • You will soon be able to register for events - ensure you join the Forum Facebook Group and/or LinkedIn Group to continue to receive regular updates (see below).

3) Created a Bollington Business Forum LinkedIn Group. You will need to have a LinkedIn account set up and to be connected with me to receive the invitation. This is a closed group so that it is relevant to members of the Forum, rather than a public, open group.

4) Launched the Bollington Business Forum Facebook site.

N.B. We have provided both LinkedIn and Facebook groups so that you have choice in how you interact with the Forum – some people prefer and regularly use FB or LinkedIn. The LinkedIn account allows us to easily pull in content and refer you to contacts from the LinkedIn network including other business contacts nationally and internationally, business support agencies, chambers of commerce etc. LinkedIn is largely a business-to-business networking platform. Facebook is generally used in business to business-customer interaction and we will use the site/group feature as a communication channel alongside LinkedIn.

Importantly these forums are YOUR platforms to interact with other members of the Forum and signpost others to our activity. In the meeting I reiterated the importance of all of us using the platforms to:

  • Share ideas and views
  • Organise and promote local business events including any you organise
  • Request or offer advice/support.

We also have a designated email address that I and other administrators from the Forum can access - Please use this for all general Business Forum enquiries / communications. This will enable us to manage the BBF communications more effectively.

How can I contribute to the forum?

The Forum will develop as a collective wherein all members are encouraged to engage with activities but also co-create or lead on them where appropriate.

Other areas we wish to introduce:

  • Business mentoring
  • Events in partnership with other organisations e.g. business support agencies, North East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, Google, banks etc.
  • Other activities to be defined as a result of the survey results (see above).

We hope you will get involved in the forum as described above. Let us know if you have any queries.

Best wishes,
Sara Knowles
Chair, Bollington Business Forum

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