Demolition of the Bayleaf.

Date: 26th February 2020
Published by: Admin

As you will all know, after a period of relative inactivity we now have the building work starting in earnest and at the moment demolition.

We know that there were a lot of objections to the development, including our own, but the development has planning permission and it will go ahead and we will all have to make the best of it and who knows it may not prove to be the ogre that is expected by some. I may live to regret that comment! A convenience store, likely to be Tesco Local will be on the ground floor and the Bayleaf restaurant will be back to occupy the first floor. The build period is 6 - 9 months with a following wind but could be longer.

East Midland Demolition are currently demolishing the building from the rear. The current heras fencing, around the site, hugs the front of the building and provides no separation or other protection to pedestrains passing the front pf the building. The Town Clerk has spoken to the demolition company and although they have assured him that the demolition at the moment is restricted well to the rear, they will cease demolition until the planned scaffording and covered and lit pedestrian tunnel is built across front of the premises on Wednesday next week 4th March. The Clerk has also emphasised the need for a lot of community care by keeping in touch with neighbours and the Town Council and complying strictly to the condition such as dust surpression and safety conditions, including protective equipment for their own employees. The Clerk has swapped mobile numbers with the Site Forman and will make daily visits to monitor progress.

The Town Council and no doubt everyone else will be interested in any highway issues ocasioned when the new build starts. Although it will be set further back than the existing premises there will be significant highway works to complete, including the loading bay at the front and the courtesy crossings on Wellington Road and Grimshaw Lane. We are trying to have a 20 mph temporary speed limit through this junction during the building work which we can somehow leave in place!

I hope that helps, Please let us know if you have any on going concerns via the contact panel on this website and we will do our best to deal with it.

The layout plans are shown below.

Here are the approved plans for the road layout and car park. Click on each image to enlarge them.

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