National Grid Overhead Line Refurbishment

Date: 5th April 2019
Published by: Andrea Paterson

Project description

National Grid is carrying out refurbishment work on the electricity transmission line that runs between the substation in Macclesfield and the south of Bredbury. This line is 18km long and has 55 pylons. This essential maintenance will involve replacing insulators, pylon fittings and conductors (wires) along the route. It will also include painting the paylons. This will ensure they continue to provide a reliable supply of energy to homes and businesses for years to come.

The work is due to start in June. There will be a need to control traffic and close some roads for a temporary period. Home owners and businesses in these areas will be written to and there will be advanced signage and traffic mangement plans agreed with local councils. The Middlewood Way and local footpaths will also be affected but again there will be advanced signage in place.

You may recall that this work was started about 2-years ago but had to be postponed due to problems elswhere on the Grid which would have left reduced redundancy during this refurbishmen work.

You may notice contractors on and around the pylons along the route. You may also see some activity ahead of the main work as contractors create temporary access routes to the pylons, cut back vegetation and errect scaffolding.

More details will follow soon (see maps for pylon locations- click to enlarge)

National Grid will get this work done as quickly and safely as they can, while keeping the impact on local communities to a minimum. Electricity supplies will not be affected during the work.

Macclesfield to Bredbury Project

If you have any concerns there is a Community Relations Freephone number you can call:

0800 8199 071

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