Traffic Counts and Speed Measurement in Bollington

Date: 7th February 2020
Published by: David Naylor

Do you know how many vehicles use our roads in Bollington and how fast they travel? Too many and too fast you probably feel, but to get anything done these days, with many projects chasing the same limited funding, we have to have the evidence.

You may have noticed our trusty SID machine, pictured here, clamped to various lamp posts grinning or growling at you as you pass. Well, its just had its MOT and will be back next week at a location near you. Its just had its wireless connectivity repaired because it was not answering our calls and seemed to much prefer a weekly visit to download its data, who could blame it with all those grimaces as fast traffic passes. You may be surprised by the comprehensive data it produces and we will share the downloads with you on this website.

We are about to embark on an up-to-date survey along the length of our main road, the B5090, and on a number of other roads including Flash Lane and Dumbah Lane. It will inform the work of the Town Council's Traffic and Highways Committee who are very keen to come up with options which residents and busineses can be consulted on. Options to make our Town more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. The work of the Committee will also be to look parking and community transport.

In some locations the SID will have its displays turned off but it will still be recording data. This is to prevent any competition by thoughtless drivers to record a high speed.

Watch this space.

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