Traffic SID Data Bayleaf Lounge - Planning Application - taken at the Wellington Road 3-way Junction

Date: 28th November 2016
Published by: David Naylor

Below are the SID printouts showing the data from the Wellington Road/rimshaw Lane 3-way Junction. They are in the following order:

  • Grimshaw Lane from the BC Transport direction. Note the Grimshaw data is absent for parts of Tuesday and Wednesday due to a battery change (voltage in the battey is shown in the final columns).
  • Wellington Road from the direction of the Town Hall - the SID was placed on a lampost outside the Garage opposite the bayleaf.
  • Wellington Road from the Macclesfield direction - the SID was placed on a pole on Wellington Road adjacent to the Ashbrook Road Junction

The data is supplied to show the number of vehicles passing through this junction in an average day - circa 8500 and at peak times overf 600 per hour.

Please Click on the images to enlarge them and to page through the days and the various associated charts

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