What to do if you have a blocked drain

Date: 2nd August 2019
Published by: David Naylor


During this time of flooding it is approriate to advise you of what to do if you have a blocked drain or sewer pipe

It is generally expected that a drain refers to a pipe serving only one property and a sewer refers to a pipe serving more that one property

As a home owner you are responsible for any drain serving only your property within your boundary. If you have a blocked or damaged drain, your options are to contact a drainage company or to contact your home insurance company, as you may be covered under your buildings insurance policy.

United Utilities are responsible for any shared drainage (sewer) whether it falls within your boundary or not. If you are experiencing problems with shared drainage (sewer) you will need to inform United Utilities on 0345 672 3723 or visit the United Utilities website.

Private drainage which is served by a septic tank, whether it be shared or otherwise, is private drainage. Responsibility for the upkeep of this drainage rests with those properties who benefit from it. If you have issues with your septic tank or the drainage connected to it you will need to contact a drainage company or your home insurance provider.

In the image below the yellow lengths of drain serve a single property and are the indiviual houseowner's responsibility. Those in red serve two or more properties and are the responsibility of United Utlities.

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What to do if you have a blocked drain

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