Our Schools

Bollington has 4 primary schools within the town and another just over the parish border in Pott Shrigley. There are no Secondary Schools in Bollington; Tytherington High School is the closest.

If you are considering applying for a school place for your child please visit the Cheshire East Council Schools Admissions page to find out how. Some schools have a set ‘catchment area’. This is usually the area that surrounds the school and where most children who go to the school live. Church schools usually base their catchment areas on parish boundaries. This means they can cover a wider area than other schools and may overlap with other school catchment areas. The Cheshire East Council Catchment Area Page gives full details for some schools and tells you where you have to contact the school direct for this information.

To find out more about each school please visit their own websites.

Schools, Pre-schools and Nurseries in Bollington

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Nurseries and Other Pre-School Provision

Allsorts Pre-School

Based at St. Johns, Grimshaw Lane SK10 5LY

Bollington Pre-School

Water Street School. SK10 5PB

Daisybank Nursery

Wellington Road. SK10 5JR

Footprints Nursery

Albert Road. SK10 5HS

Nursery Rhymes Nursery

Grimshaw Lane. SK10 5JB