I have just reviewed the roadworks programme with George Cox, and Bollington should be pleased to know that the closure programme, which could have dictated a lengthy closure for the whole of the school holidays, has been considerably reduced.

Wellington Road will be completely closed for three days ie. 4th to 6th April for cable ducts to be placed across the road for ENWL.   Thereafter, works will continue under three-way lights to lay a ENWL duct across to outside Barrows but off the highway for the remainder of that week.

The road will be completely closed from 11th to 13th April for scabbling off the highway surfacing, forming the speed humps and associated new white lining.  Thereafter, works will continue under three-way lights to allow ENWL cable pull for the remainder of that week.

Works will continue by ENWL and Openreach in the pavement outside the new building but within the footpath area.

The final work will be surfacing the loading bay in Kerridge stone and then both Tesco and the new Bay Leaf Lounge can open in late April.

It is unlikely that any road restrictions at all will be necessary during this period of the programme.  Thus, the programme of total road closure is reduced to two three-day early week periods in consecutive weeks.