Bollington - a "Walkers are Welcome" Town

Walkers are welcome is a  nationwide initiative launched in 2007 to be ‘welcoming to walkers’. They have enabled the development of over 100 accredited Towns and Villages members to assist with their communities’ economic, physical, health and mental well-being through walking. Bollington has had Walkers are Welcome accreditation since 2013.

The Bridgend Centre has now taken on the responsibility for maintaining our WAW status and you can find out how on the Bridgend Centre Walkers are Welcome page.

Walkers are Welcome National website


Walkers are welcome logo

Walkers are Welcome Banner

Walkers are Welcome Banner

Pictured here is the national WaW Banner which was displayed at Chepstow.

One of our supporters in Bollington had designed a square featuring White Nancy and spent several months embroidering it as our contribution.

It stood out very well among the assembled decorative squares being such a distinctive emblem, and provided excellent publicity for Bollington.