Culvert maintenance, mapping and responsibilities. Keeping you up to date.


Bollington Town Council have a working group dedicated to emergency resilience planning. We recently met with the Environment Agency to discuss flood warning monitoring with aFlood In Ingersley Road view to having a monitoring and alert station installed upstream from Bollington. We also discussed culvert maintenance and mapping as part of our flood resilience planning and the Environment Agency advised how they monitor known culverts and the responsibility of landowners who have culverts on their property. You can check whether you have a culvert on or near your property via the Land Registry.

If you have a watercourse running near or through your property you will need to be aware of your riparian ownership responsibilities. You will own a watercourse if it runs on, through, beneath, or forms the boundary of your land. If the watercourse forms the boundary of your land you will usually own it up to its centre. If in doubt, you will need to check your title deeds to confirm exact ownership. This can be done via the land registry. If you require advice about owning a watercourse you should contact the relevant risk management authority (RMA), which is The Environment Agency for main rivers. For more information, visit the Environment Agency’s ‘Owning a watercourse’ guidance.

Cheshire East Council’s gully clearing programme for gully clearing in Bollington began recently in Bollington and will continue in October. This is obviously an important factor in flood resilience – please report any local concerns with blocked gullies by visiting the Cheshire East Council webpage.  Your report will then be assessed for priority and actioned, as appropriate, with priority given to those locations affecting property or danger to highway users. At this time of year gullies can become quickly blocked with leaves that can cause surface drainage problems when we have heavy rainfall. It helps enormously if you can clear leaves covering grids outside your property as/when this arises.

If you are concerned about how to protect your home or business from flooding you’ll find useful guidance at The Flood Hub website and a useful toolkit for householders at  The Flood Hub’s Flood Planning web page.

We will soon be publishing a new emergency resilience plan on the Bollington Town Council website, outlining the activation triggers, response and recovery plan should emergencies, such as flooding, arise in our town. We will post an update on this once it has been published.

Many thanks for your support on helping to keep our community safe – the community itself is often best placed to report problems and be the first response in emergency situations, as we have seen on many occasions.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding flood or emergency resilience or can offer knowledge, skills and resources to support our planning please contact us.